The Hague School Paintings

This visualization presents each painting on display from the Hague School as a strip of its colors (left) and as an outline of its canvas (right). Below, please select different filters to visualize the paintings of various groups of Hague School artists.
The Hague School is a group of artists who lived and worked in The Hague, The Netherlands, between 1860 and 1890. The Rijksmuseum has a relatively comprehensive selection of these works; this collection is one of their biggest attractions. Our algorithms grabbed evenly spaced pixels from each painting image to get an assortment of the painting's colors, sorted all of the colors by hue, and presented the painting as a strip of color. We showcased the paintings' colors because this group was known for using primarily gloomy and grayish colors at first, but
later shifting to lighter and brighter colors under the influence of French Impressionism. However, visualizing the color data did not support this belief. On the other side of the page, the dimensions section stacks each painting outline on top of one another, with their bottom-left corners aligned. The colors and dimensions visualizations are connected with interactivity so you can identify which dimensions couple with which colors upon hovering. The artists are also listed below so you can compare the use of color and size in their work.
Each Painting as a Strip of its Colors



Painting Canvas Width

Artists on Display: